Lingua Franca and the medieva era of the Garden at the Roof of the World

The Lingua Franca of the medieval era was both French and not French, if you get my drift. The French of the south of France is often called Provencal, or Langue du’oc, sometimes truncated to Languedoc. The way this happened was something of an unintentional consequence of the crusades.

Most of the members of the first crusade, as well as members of the second crusade including the infamous Aliénor (Elanor of Aquitaine) were from the south of France. With the first, the Langue du’oc became the language spoken by most people in crusader states, as well as along the now re-established pilgrimage routes to the “Holy Land”. Richard the Lion Heart would have spoken it well long before he joined the ill fated Third Crusade, as it was the language of his mother (the afore mentioned Aliénor).

This helped Gwenaella greatly in her journey. It wasn’t until she entered Baghdad that she needed the help of a translator.

ReaderCon Selfies and other silliness

Why no Readercon selfies or other photos from me?

ReaderCon was a great way to meet people I’d corresponded with Beth Bernobich, Anna Kashina, Ellen Kushner and John Schoffstall) and folks I’d only met on Facebook Theodora Goss), become better acquainted with the amazing Andrea Hairston, K. Tempest Bradford, and Mikki Kendall, as well as meet amazing people such as L. Timmel Duchamp, Matthew Kressel, Julia Rios, Christopher Cevasco, John Chu, Adrienne J. Odasso, Sofia Samatar, Delia Sherman, Christopher Barzak, Felix Gilman, Max Gladstone as well as the amazingly generous Art & Becky Henderson.

However, I left the camera phone off. I focused on their ideas, their wit, wisdom and challenge to create new and amazing stories with characters who are as real as anyone you’d meet. Even if they have six legs.

I loved participating in the panels and doing the dramatic reading from The Garden at the Roof of the World!

I am looking forward to next year, but first, I’ve got a lot of writing I want to do.