Want to kill writer’s block – write like the Bumbys

I’m out of my element (in LA) yet in my element (attending an information security conference) when at the evening reception I see The Bumbys.  They stylize themselves as performance artists, but what they are is writers.  They see you, but don’t interact.  Upon seeing you, they write a description of what they see to try to describe who you are.  You can follow them on Twitter @TheBumbys or Facebook https://facebook.com/TheBumbys

Here is a photo of The Bumbys at work:


Here is a photo of what each wrote about me:


And here is a selfie of me dressed as they saw me.


They just wrote and wrote and wrote.  Professionals who got paid well for it.

Struggling with writer’s block?  Look at something and write what you see.  Just write.

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