To capture a unicorn, medieval style

Unlike many portrayals of the unicorn in Medieval European art, this famous tapestry shows a unicorn content in captivity. The fence is too low to hold the creature, which wears a beautiful halter around its neck. The tree is a pomegranate, often associated with the tree whose fruit Adam and Eve ate and became thus banished from Eden. Pomegranates were then and are still strongly associated with fertility, as is the abundance of flowering plants in this delightful tapestry. Even the little frog in the tapestry was associated by medieval authors as being noisy in its procreation. This tapestry is a lovely depiction of the bounty of life.

The cover for my forthcoming book, On the Reality, Mythology, and Fantasies of Unicorns (Dragonwell Publishing, September 2021) will feature a different tapestry.

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